our Services

Permanent Pension Fund

Permanent pension is being provided for all madrasa teachers and masjid employees on completion of their sixty years of age

Assistance for Madrasa Building and Construction

The State Welfare Board of SMA provides financial assistance for the construction, renovation and also for furnishing the madrasa under various schemes

Information Bureau

Facilities are available at SMA State and District level offices to communicate the Mahallu Committees and other institutions the information gathered from the government offices such as Kerala State Waqaf Board and Registration Department. There are help desks in SMA offices to provide assistance in matters such as Waqf registration, submission of returns, execution of deeds and its amendments, legal cases, registration of committees as per Society Act, renewal and delayed renewal, registration according to Trust Act, preparation of bylaws etc

Employment Bureau

Facility to help for the recruitment of Imams, Katheebs, Mudarris, Mu’addins and Mu’allims in Mahal Masjids and also to call for the teachers who seek the employment as Usthads in madrassas

Service Register for Masjid Employees

Register to keep details of service of lecturers from Sharea’ Colleges, Da’wa colleges and other Arabic colleges and also for the Imams, Katheebs, Mudarrises, Mu’addins who are working in mosques

Welfare Fund

A welfare fund for usthads who are working in masjids registered under the state committee, is established. Various financial aids are being provided in this scheme

Maslahath Committee

It is natural to happen discordance, disputes and bilateral dislikes among the family members, which sometimes lead even to the breakdown of the relations and Talaq. So, every unit is having a Maslahath Committee consisting of legal advisors, religious scholars and senior citizens in order to impart proper counselling and to settle such disputes and discordance

Minority Welfare

We try our best to create awareness among the people about their duties and rights which are prescribed specifically in the constitution and also attempt to get the attention of the authorities to the matters concerned .we take necessary steps to inform and to acquire governmental aids specially allotted for the minorities. There are district wise committees for SMA, which also shall try to achieve the goals