current Projects

In the Islamic social structure the Mahall jama’ath is the basic unit to fulfill its social responsibilities such as establishing Jumu’ah and Jama’ath prayers, maintenance of Islamic law and justice, enjoining what is good and forbidding what is evil, funeral preparation, protection of destitute and orphan, protection of religious institutions and activities for reconciliation, and striving for educational, financial and development and creation of job opportunities. For these purposes, the necessary trainings are being given by SMA to Mahallu jama'aths

E Mahallu is an extra innovative project. It is to make the activities of Mahallu Jama'ath transparent by bringing all Muslim Mahalls under one network thereby unifying and consolidating the administration. Unification of Mahals can be achieved when the records and accounts of all masjids and madrasas are made available under one network. The noble objective behind the E-Mahall is the empowerment of Mahalls. It is exclusive software comprising all matters related to Mahall administration, a matchless one where the individual data also are available for every person. This will be useful for the general survey and for imparting the religious awareness as per the individual capacity

In the first phase, Nikah registers and account books are given free to Mahalls as a part of the unification programmer which aims to consolidate every document used in each Mahall jama’aths. Models for the documents and forums such as form of Mahall membership, form of marriage certificates and proposal are also being distributed from the state committee office

By madrasa grading, we meant to assure the quality education with effective infrastructure and learning atmosphere in all madrassas of the Mahall so as to achieve the world standard of excellence in the field

It is a program which is being conducted to create awareness among the people of the Mahall to train them how to maintain a happy family by making them aware of the origin and growth of human family system, marriage, coexistence, bilateral love, fraternity, equality, liberality and also the family system in the present world order

Allah has respected humankind by bestowing him the intelligence. His intellectual power, curiosity and team work have guided him to reach the cyber world. So SMA by utilizing the Fajar classes is giving the awareness the bounty of Allah and His great power and also about the duty of the grasping people to abide by Allah’s commands

The alarming number of crimes exposed by the media is really a threat to our community. So the SMA by forming a squad under the leadership of Mahallu Katheeb tries to interact with these individuals and try to bring them in to the right path without labeling them as criminals and isolate them from the society. As it is a communal responsibility, there should be a collective attempt to prevent the immoral activities and this shall be done by the Jagratha Squad under the leadership of the Mahall Katheeb with the cooperation of the Jamaath

The office-bearers are getting expert training for the performance of their various duties with the prefect responsibility they shall be well trained in the management of the Mahall preservation of institutions, refining the Mahall, eradication of immoral activities and in Maslahath work. The training also enables them to have leading role in the field of education, finance and employment. The secretaries of the Jamaath are getting special training in preserving and handling the documents, income and expenditure accounts and monetary dealings with perfect clarity

The SMA imparts Hizb trainings for the Imams working in the Masjids. These training courses are conducted in several centers in the State as per specified timing

Smart Scholarship Examination is a project planned by Sunni Management Association Research and Training with the intention to make the teachers and parents aware of the importance of Islamic ideology and to make the students ready for the same and to raise the proper academic level of the Madrasa. Now the students from the Kindergarten up to the professional degree levels have to face several competitive examinations. As the Muslim community is being backward in the competitive examinations and as a solution for this, SMA has taken the initiative in arraigning for Madrasa students the smart scholarship exams similar to the public entrance exams

A campaign named “Enjoyable Madrasa Education” is being conducted in order to minimize the limitations faced in the field of Madrasa education and also to attract more students to be enrolled in Madrasas and to improve and strengthen Madrasa education. The programmes such as Muallim Updating Camp, Office-Bearers Workshop, Teachers Conference, Umara Conference, Parent Assembly, Kalikootam (Students Groups), Quran Othupura, Meelad Club, Health Club, Tour Club, Wall Poster, Encouragement Events, Madrasa Worksheet, Evaluation Diary, Innovative Muallim Awards are also being designed in this scheme

The first Friday of March in every year shall be celebrated as ‘Madrasa Day’ to mark the important role of madrasas in uplifting the moral standard of the Mahall and to create awareness about it among the people and also to collect financial assistance from the people for Madrasa strengthening fund of the SMA.

There are so many books and DVDs published by SMA for strengthening the Madrassa movement which are as follows: ‘Kanzul Ibada’ big maulid kitab ‘Kudumbini’ for women’s college curriculum ‘Umara Ziyarath’ a handbook for those who intent for Umra and Ziyarah ‘Mayyath Paripalanam Chithrasahitham’ a book giving instructions with illustrations for the preparation of the deceased and Islamic ritual funeral ‘Mahall Bharanawum Waqaf Actum’ A guide for the management of Mahall DVDs Happy Family / ‘visual’ Happy Family ‘our family and society’ / speech Happy Family ‘Kudumba Sandesham’ / Sayyid Ibrahim Khalil Bhukhari Enjoyable Madrasa Education / speech

The tenth anniversary conference of SMA which was held on 26th April 2014 in Thrisur has been a milestone in the history of the movement. The tremendous achievement by the maximum number of attendance of the representatives from the various managements of schools, Madrassas, orphanages and other institutions and also by the deep discussions and resolutions passed in the Thrissur conference have far reaching effect in the future programmes of SMA

SMA has to march forward strongly to achieve the goal of strengthening the Mahal by its unification and consolidation. The scholars and leaders of every Mahal should join their hands together to strengthen SMA and to strive hard for the spiritual and material benefits of the people in the Mahal, thus creating and ideal and strong society in every Mahals